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NWF Capital commercial loans are designed with borrowers in mind. Whether you want to expand your business or invest in a commercial property, we have a wide range of secured commercial and business property loans that give you the support and flexibility you need to achieve your goals.

    At NWF Capital, we take the time to fully understand your circumstances so that we can assist you in finding the best loan facility to meet your goals. We can help you can skip the hassle when applying for commercial property loans! You can borrow up to $20 million from NWF Capital to build your business! CALL US TODAY!

    Best Commercial Property Loan Rates

    NWF Capital competitive commercial property loan products that include:

    • Best commercial loan rates in the market
    • No-doc, low-doc and full-doc options
    • Set and forget facilities
    • No hidden fees
    • Property investors
    • Quick assessment

    Private Loan Investment Facts

    A private commercial loan uses residential or commercial property as security for the amount being borrowed. In most cases, commercial loans are used to invest in commercial property or finance business operations like buying equipment. Private commercial loans are typically:

    • higher-value loans (over $1 million)
    • loans for buying commercial real estate or property
    • general commercial loans (i.e. loans used for business purposes).

    At NWF Capital, our short-term business loans are sometimes referred to in the industry as commercial loans, secured business property, commercial mortgage loans, or private commercial loans. The loans are often used for business expansion, buying equipment, hiring staff or any other expenditure that your business may not be able to afford at this point in time.

    How Commercial Mortgages Work

    Unlike normal residential property loans, the lending criteria and pricing for commercial mortgages vary greatly, and many of the terms can be negotiated. This is because different types of security represent different risks. Standard commercial properties are the best form of collateral for a commercial loan. For instance:

    • Offices
    • Factories
    • Storage units, showrooms, and warehouses
    • Retail buildings
    • Shop fronts
    • Residential flats, townhouses, and homes.

    Other specialised commercial properties can be used as well, such as; hotels, restaurants, schools, petrol stations, car yards, farms, recreational centres, and many others.

    Benefits Of Commercial Property Loans

    Some benefits of commercial property loans include:

    • Our terms are typically between 12-36 months
    • Interest rate type: Variable, fixed, or bank bill facilities
    • Capitalised interest: Available for development or land subdivision finance
    • Businesses, trusts and funds are acceptable
    • Lines of credit (LOC) are available at higher interest rates.

    Why Partner With NWF Capital For Your Commercial Property Development?

    At NWF Capital, we are a leading financial and lending institution in Australia that offers tailor-made loan products to our diverse range of clients. We consider the specific circumstances of each of our clients in order to come up with loan products that meet their unique needs and requirements.

    Please contact us today or fill our free assessment form to find out if you qualify for a commercial loan.

    Commercial Property Loans

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. You can apply for a loan for commercial property and use other types of property as security.

    You can obtain various types of secured commercial and business property loans using a property that you partially or fully own. The type of loan you get will be determined by the type of property you provide as security.

    You do not require a minimum down payment to secure a commercial property loan.

    To qualify, your company must:

    • no recent or prior bankruptcy
    • have at least 3 months of bank statements
    • be in business for at least 1 year
    • have a minimum gross turnover of over $100,000

    Our commercial loan terms vary on a case-by-case basis. Contact our loan specialists to learn more.

    The mortgage rate for a commercial property is determined by several factors, such as the repayment period and the value of property used as security.

    A private commercial loan is a type of loan offered by lenders and banks that helps businesses to get capital to fund their operations.


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