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    NWF Capital has a wide range of business lending solutions. We can service short to medium term borrowers with many flexible loan options. Having over 20 years of experience in the industry provides us with the knowledge to drive you in the right direction for your business and its needs.

    Property-Backed Loans

    Property-Backed Loans are a fast and easy way to access business cash flow with usually little to no financials needed! We use real estate assets as a form of security to provide funding to businesses that may not be in the position to provide certain loan requirements.


    Construction Loans

    A construction loan gives you access to money progressively as you complete different stages of development, providing the freedom to design and build a property that suits your needs. These loans typically charge interest-only repayments for the duration of the build minimising the loan payments during the construction process.


    I'm A Broker

    A private mortgage loan is a loan created between private individuals for the purchase of real estate. Some of the biggest advantages involve far less paperwork, underwriting criteria and borrower qualifications than the normal traditional lenders require. NWF Capital has established our own lending criteria and qualification process resulting in a much quicker application and approval process. Additionally, a private mortgage loan can be created in a matter of days if needed to help clients close on properties with cash quickly.


    Commercial Loans

    A commercial loan uses commercial real estate as security for the amount being borrowed. They are commonly used to buy commercial properties, provide business cash flow and purchase commercial equipment. Commercial loans are known to be time-consuming in some circumstances, At NWF Capital we aim to minimise this time with a streamlined loan process to help get you over the line faster.


    Equity Loans

    With an equity loan, you can borrow against the equity built up over the life of your existing mortgage. Similar to the first home loan you took out, an equity loan is secured against the current value of your property. Having enough equity provides much less risk to the lender and in turn results in more favourable loan conditions.


    Bridging Loans

    Have you found your new home but haven’t sold your old one yet? Then you should consider a bridging loan. A bridging loan works as a short term loan that finances the purchase of your new property while giving you time to sell your old property. It can also work as a quick solution to secure the property of your dreams with minimal paperwork before somebody else does.


    Caveat Loans

    Caveat loans are also referred to as an ‘unregistered second mortgage’. You must own property to take a caveat against it as it operates as a form of injunction, which means the loan is lodged on the title behind your existing mortgage. Caveat loans are great for business cash flow injection and can be processed and funded in a matter of days. These loans can be approved regardless of credit history and certain financial faults with very minimal paperwork.

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    NWF Capital is the Private Lender making it quick and easy to borrow the money you need. We give access to fast finance options no matter the size or severity of the scenario, being flexible with multiple investors enables us to secure you a loan today! For an express quote and a real-time answer, apply below for all your business lending needs.

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    Private Business Lending

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Private lenders loan money to individuals or businesses but are not tied to a bank or credit union. A private lender could be an individual or it could also be a company involving many private money lenders.

    Privacy and security are not sacrificed with a private lender, as they are still bound by law to follow all of the essential lending guidelines. Not only does this protect the borrower, but it also protects the positions of the private lenders.

    A private lender is a non-institutional, also known as a non-bank, individual or company that loans money. Generally these loans are secured by an asset and have shorter time periods involved with the money being borrowed for a specific purpose.

    There is no set deposit for a business loan Usually, a lender can only lend up to 70% of the value of an asset, meaning if you were purchasing a property you may need the remaining 30% deposit depending on the property value determined by the lender.

    New World Funding can service loans anywhere from $50,000 to $50 million. The maximum loan you can achieve will be determined by the security loan to value ratio and risk involved in the loan scenario.

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