Private Lenders for Construction Loans

Are you finding it difficult to secure loans with favourable terms? Is lack of funds likely to derail the fix-and-flip project that you anticipate will yield a tidy profit? If that is the case then an asset-based loan might be the best solution available to keep your project on track, even when traditional banks decline the funding of your project.

    What Sets NWF Capital Apart Regarding Commercial Construction Loans?

    When it comes to applying for commercial construction loans, NWF Capital is an alternative to banks and other financing sources. Here are a few of the factors that set us apart from other players in this space:

    We can provide lending options to businesses thanks to a network of private investors. These investors contribute capital to businesses to pay expenses — be they day-to-day operating costs or construction and development loans —because they see loans as what they are: a huge opportunity for lucrative investment. In turn, we can offer our commercial clients the funds they need for big expenses and projects —even when banks won’t extend the same offers.

    Especially for businesses or newer businesses without a tremendous amount of income history or credit history, the loan process can be a lengthy hassle with no happy ending. We make every part of this experience as painless as we can, offering more accessible applications and better odds for borrowers.

    Every borrower is unique — a factor that often gets overlooked in a bank environment when so much focus is on the numbers and not the needs of the loan applicant. We take our time to get to know you and your project so that we can tailor our lending solutions to suit the specific requirements of your construction plan.

    Dealing with Stalled Construction? Consider Private Construction Loans

    If your construction project has hit a roadblock due to funding problems, then now might be the right time to consider private construction loans as an alternative option. Sometimes, banks make getting the money you need more difficult than it should be. Perhaps you’ve been denied a loan outright, or maybe you are just looking for a quicker project that won’t involve jumping through hoops. In either case, our team at NWF Capital can help you find a more agreeable road to commercial construction financing.

    The Benefits of Private Construction Loans

    In our experience, many borrowers come to us seeking commercial construction financing after having a frustrating experience with the bank. However, if you are thinking about pursuing private construction loans from the start rather than trying to go through a traditional banking environment, here are a few benefits of the private lending experience that may sway your decision:

    Through a bank, the lending application and approval process can stretch on for weeks or months. We value your time and the urgency of your project and do what we can to shorten that timeline. Once you apply for a loan with us, you’ll receive conditional approval on the same day if we can fund your loan. All told, it is possible to obtain financing through us within 48 hours.

    Borrowers who can’t get any traction with traditional banks — those who have limited credit or income especially — often find that getting approved for a private lending agreement is much easier. At NWF Capital, we focus more on the collateral backing a loan than on cash flow or credit — something especially beneficial for building projects that require a significant upfront investment.

    You will generally have more flexibility with private lending, including in the payment process. With us, for example, you can make interest payments on an interest pre-paid basis, monthly or capitalised.

    About NWF Capital

    NWF Capital is a new private equity financing firm that helps bridge the gap between businesses that need better lending options and the investors who are in a position to help. Contact us today to learn more about our private commercial construction loans.


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