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When it comes to private mortgages in Australia, you can turn to us. At NWF Capital, we are private lenders who provide mortgages that allow you to take the next step in your business ventures. If you’re looking for a business loan or mortgage loan, then look no further than us. Contact us today to learn more about your private mortgage funding options.

    How Private Mortgages Offer An Alternative Financial Option

    Private mortgage lending is an alternative to a conventional loan and at NWF Capital, we approach things differently. The private mortgages we offer allow you to secure funding for your business venture. Most traditional lenders won’t allow this whereas we give you the flexibility to use a private mortgage for business purposes. 

    Private home loans are a good alternative to a traditional home loan or caveat loan products. The private loan options we offer are unique and tailored to the borrower. Instead of applying for a traditional loan, apply for our private home loans and let us help you achieve your financial goals.

    Private Home Loan Facts

    A private lender, such as NWF Capital, provides private home loans that are flexible. A private mortgage loan can be used to fund your business venture and allow you to pursue your entrepreneurial dream. A few facts about getting a home loan via private lending includes not needing an impeccable credit score in order to get approved, as well as being able to lock in a fixed rate if you are approved for a loan.

    How Private Mortgages Work

    The way this works is simple and straightforward. The steps include: 

    1. Apply for a private mortgage 
    2. If approved, you’ll be told what your monthly payment will be which is based on the loan amount
    3. Accept the terms and conditions 
    4. Receive your mortgage funds
    5. Make your monthly mortgage payment

    Those are the steps. Simply apply for a mortgage loan with us and we’ll let you know if your application is successful. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or completely new to homeownership for business purposes, we are confident we can meet your lending needs. 

    The Importance Of Private Mortgage Lending

    Going through a lender that offers private mortgages is beneficial for many reasons. The key benefits include: 

    • Bad credit won’t severely hurt your chances of being approved
    • Banks require a ton of paperwork, whereas we only want key information such as gross income and what security you can offer
    • The process is fast, which is usually not the case with banks 
    • The interest rate is typically fair and reasonable 
    • Your monthly mortgage repayments won’t be unreasonably high
    • You can apply for various amounts, but you may be approved for less or even more than the amount you initially applied for

    What You Can Expect From Our Private Mortgage Investors

    We’ve developed a proven, simple process for accepting loan applications, processing them, and providing funding upon approval as fast as possible. How does this procedure work? What should you anticipate when you opt to make an application with NWF Capital? Here’s what to expect:

    You won’t need to worry about what the loan officer at the bank has to say about your business or your lack of documentation. With our friendly customer support, you’ll feel cared for the entire time.

    Money can be in your account in as little as two days following the approval of your application and your acceptance of the loan terms.

    We encourage you to start the process with us today to learn more about how these steps work.

    Why Partner With NWF Capital For Your Private Home Loans?

    Partnering with us means less stress for you as we make the entire process as easy as possible, and we also take customer service seriously. You won’t have to go through a long and complicated application process, and you will feel at ease throughout the entire process. 

    Our interest rates are fair and competitive. Not only that, but we offer pre-payment options for interest and principal. Even more impressive is that we offer very flexible terms for our customers. Fill out the form today to apply for a private mortgage loan.

    Private Mortgage

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it is possible for a private individual to get a mortgage.

    The risks of a private mortgage are very minimal. The biggest risk is defaulting on the loan, which is the case with all lenders.

    Yes, they are good investments if they are used for the right purposes, particularly income-producing assets.

    Fees vary and several factors determine these fees. We are open and transparent about all fees and charges and make sure that you understand these before the application is finalised.

    Some do, but many will accept customers if they have bad credit as long as there is collateral to back up the loan application.

    You simply fill out a loan application online or in person and assuming all the requirements are met, your loan will be approved.

    Yes, it is legal if you’re doing business with a licensed company.

    Yes, this is possible however, there may be tax implications. You should seek professional advice based on your own individual circumstances.

    If you want to learn more about what we offer, then please contact us today.


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