Property Loans

Are you finding it difficult to secure loans with favourable terms? Is lack of funds likely to derail the fix-and-flip project that you anticipate will yield a tidy profit? If that is the case then an asset-based loan might be the best solution available to keep your project on track, even when traditional banks decline the funding of your project.

    Property-Backed Loans

    A business wants to expand its manufacturing plant to meet rising demand. However, securing funding on time and at the right interest rates is proving incredibly difficult. Further to this, every passing week means missed opportunities in future sales, so funding becomes a pressing issue.

    A good loan option to overcome this scenario is asset-based lending. Property backed loans are secured loans that use your property as security against your loan. They allow borrowers to use their properties as collateral for the loan they receive. 

    As a financial instrument, property-backed loans allow businesses to secure the short-term funds necessary to grow or seize business opportunities as they arise. This means that borrowers can use the property in their portfolios to secure funding for their commercial projects and other business opportunities.

    What You Should Know About Property-Backed Finance

    Being an asset-backed loan in which property is the collateral, the interest rates are typically lower as the risk is considered to be lower. Additionally, these loans are private, which means are not subject to the stringent requirements that banks impose on borrowers. Consequently, property loans are inherently flexible and easier to manage. Finally, while the terms of every asset-backed loan are tailored to individual borrowers, typical terms range between 1 and 3 years.

    What You Should Know About Property-Backed Finance

    Private short term real estate loans and other types of financing backed up by property as collateral are not quite the same as similar loans available from banks. How does this process work, and what are the important facts to keep in mind to ensure that you make the decisions most beneficial for your business?

    It is tough to beat the flexibility of working with private lenders to secure short term second mortgages, bridging loans, and other financial tools.

    Reasons To Borrow

    • Easier To Secure – It is much easier to secure a loan with your property as collateral. As such, this type of loan is a good option for borrowers with unfavourable credit scores.
    • Affordable Interest Rates – With commercial property loans, you do not have to pay the high interest rates associated with low credit scores.
    • You Can Use The Property You’re Working On As Collateral – You can use the property you already own to secure a loan for the repairs, modifications, or improvements the property needs. This simplifies the process of obtaining funding.
    • You Don’t Have To Worry About Credit Score – asset backed loans are property-centred loans. A loan provider will only look at the property you offer for security rather than looking into your credit score, income, experience, and much more.
    • You Retain Control Over Your Property – While you’ll use the property as collateral, you’ll still have control over the property.
    • Asset-Based Lending Gives You Options – You can use a mix of traditional loans and asset-based lending.

    How It Works

    The process of getting a property-backed loan is deliberately simple. If NWF Capital can fund you, we will give you conditional approval the same day. Thereafter, we will send a complete formal approval with the loan documents associated. If you’re ready to proceed, NWF Capital can provide you with the funding within 48 hours if you’re approved.

    Am I Eligible?

    Private lenders who provide property backed loans aim to help businesses and individuals access funding when traditional financial institutions such as banks cannot. As such, you are eligible for property loans if you’re faced with a stalled construction project, want to make repairs and modifications to your property, or need funds to acquire a property.

    What Sets NWF Capital Apart Regarding Short Term Commercial Loans?

    It often seems there are many options out there for finding cash infusions when you need help — at least until you receive a disappointing rejection. At NWF Capital, we don’t like to say “no.” Instead, we prefer to do everything possible to find you the loan that works for your situation. How else do we stand out in service for our clients?

    Securing financing doesn’t have to be stressful when you have a team of solid investors working on a package for you.

    If we cannot provide the loan ourselves, we partner with additional private investors to find terms agreeable to your requirements.

    Upon approval, we typically fund accounts within 48 hours. Approvals take mere days, too, compared to weeks or longer for a bank loan.

    Why Trust NWF Capital Regarding Short Term Bridging Finance?

    Putting up a property to secure a loan is a big decision, and not one to take lightly for your business. Knowing you can trust your lender is a crucial step in moving forward to the next stage. How can you know that we are worthy of your business?

    With many successful projects funded already, we look forward to helping you succeed too.

    From the moment we receive your application to the time when we approve funding, we keep you fully involved at every step.

    Should you have questions or concerns at any point during your application, simply ask. Our team will respond promptly with the information needed for making smart business decisions.

    Property-Backed Loans

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can get a private mortgage or asset-backed property loan to purchase a property.

    Yes. Asset-backed loans use real estate assets to secure loans.

    Yes. An asset-backed loan can help you secure funding using your home as collateral.

    Real estate-backed loans are asset-backed loans that use your real estate assets (the property) as collateral for the loan.

    You simply apply for the loan using your property as your collateral.

    Yes. Asset-based lending offers incredible flexibility, fast funding, and affordable rates. Unlike traditional banks, the private funding that comes with home equity loans is not reliant on your credit score.

    What is a first lien security interest?

    A first lien security interest is something that has priority over other liens and encumbrances. A creditor will be able to claim any of your assets as collateral if you default on payments, but it can also stop some borrowers from foreclosing by making them pay off what they owe before disposing of anything else (such as homes).


      Property-Backed Loans